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    We create class-leading visual materials to explain technology and systems.

    We create branded online apps that connect businesses and organisations with their audience.


We explain technology with class-leading visual materials. We create branded online experiences to connect technology businesses with their customers.

  • Explainer Videos

    Animated video is one of the most effective ways to explain a subject, and is highly effective in sales, training and presentation scenarios.

  • Interactive Materials

    From branded microsites to global ideas-sharing portals, we create robust, user-focussed online tools.


We have set the standard for communication tools in renewable energy and sustainable technology, working with many of the biggest names in the sector.

  • Infographics

    We excel at explaining complex systems to a non-technical audience, and our clients range from dynamic businesses through to government departments.

  • Readymade Explainers

    We developed a unique service providing always-to-date, readymade explainer videos - more at Explanimation.net

Marine Science

Oceans provides 2/3 of the worlds food, and 50% of its breathable air. Marine science is on the front line of the climate change crisis, and we have been privileged to work with some of the most dynamic organisations in the field.

  • Campaigns & Outreach

    We create video and infographic materials for a range of organisations, to raise awareness and explain issues to a non-technical audience.

  • Engagement Tools

    We build online apps, including platforms for knowledge-sharing, that have impacted events on the world stage.


Joe Jones

Joe is a highly experienced cross-media designer and directs the agency’s creative work. He is an avid student of ‘Lean’ principles and always seeks to apply them at both strategic and creative levels. Joe is vocal and passionate about sustainability and the impact of good design in delivering core messages.

Jo Tyler

Jo Tyler combines a keen sense of business strategy and organisational culture with a wealth of practical experience in marketing communications. She has an exceptional ability to quickly uncover underlying issues, and to craft highly effective communications to tackle them.



  • Canal & River Trust (UK)
  • Communications Inc.
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  • Marine Conservation Society
  • PEW Environment Group
  • Plymouth Marine Science Partnership
  • Project Aware (PADI)
  • SEALIFE (Merlin Entertainments)
  • The Wildlife Trusts (UK)
  • The Shark Trust & Shark Alliance
  • Ocean 2012 Coalition
  • WWF


  • 40 South Energy
  • Aquasaver
  • AOS Solar
  • Carillion PLC
  • EDF Energy
  • Energy Technologies Institute
  • Plumb Center (Wolseley Group)
  • Rexel
  • Saint-Gobain
  • UK Govt. Dept of Energy & Climate Change (DECC)


  • AMF Bowling
  • Bodycast Studio
  • INEZ Consulting
  • Institute of IT professionals
  • Kirby Cove Architects
  • Longmores Solicitors
  • STARS Foundation
  • Talent Innovations
  • The People Development Team
  • The Tube & Bracket company
  • TRILOGIQ Group
  • Underpin & Makegood PLC

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Tel - UK+44 (0)1992 505444 (Archipelago & Explanimation.net)

Address - Beadle House, 16 Bull Plain, Hertford SG14 1DT

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VAT No. 769642381

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